The Door

October 8, 2008

We have installed a new self-closing door at our store in order for us to become more energy efficient. The shop does feel cooler now… but rest assured, the welcome remains warm.

Just remember to ‘Push’ to come in.

Is that you?

June 3, 2006

For those who read the NewPaper report on 2 June 2006 reporting on Newton ‘Newt’ Gingrich’s visit to Arab Street, we can confirm that the bookstore mentioned in the report is none other than Wardah Books. Speaker for the US House of Representatives, Gingrich stopped by and browsed our books for a little while before continuing on his tour of the Kampong Glam area.

The Call

December 6, 2005

An American man walked into Wardah and asked for, “The simplest book on Islam.”

We reach for ‘Islam: Religion of Life’ (Abdul Wadud Shalabi, Starlatch Press). The best book to introduce Islam, in our opinion.

The American asks, “How can a religion whose call to prayer is cried out five times a day from a tall minaret be so misunderstood?”

You can tell alot about a person, simply by listening to how they frame their questions. To me, this man is a sincere seeker.

May no seeker be rebuffed.

Moving Downstairs!

June 14, 2005

The Wardah Bookshop has moved downstairs. Our address is still the same. We’re still located at 58 Bussorah Street. The difference is, you can now see us from ’street level’.

Do drop in any time you’re free.

The Interview- New Blogger Employed

May 11, 2005

The Wardah Staff just interviewed someone for the job of Wardah Blogger/Reviewer. This is the transcript of the interview:

Wardah: Please state your name.

None: My name is None {pronounced NO-Knee}. None the Wiser.

Wardah: Thats an usual name, can you tell us more about it?

None: Well I have two other brothers, Nay the Sayer and Ril the Wise. I am considered wiser than Ril.

Wardah: Do you realise that your name can mean two completely opposite things? It can mean that you are wiser than other people or it could mean that you are not wise at all.

None: My name may mean many things to many people. But as far as my true nature is concerned, I am None the Wiser.

Wardah: Hmm. Well, let’s move on. What makes you think you can be the resident Wardah blogger?

None: I read widely. Writing is a natural extension to reading. As one reads, one increases one’s vocabulary of words and also of ideas. Writing is a way of ordering these words and ideas. I have also written reviews of various books in some magazines. But the most important reason why I believe I would do well in the Wardah Blog is because I believe that our community is not reading adequately. I am always promoting the reading habit to friends and family. I have also noticed that people who read widely are also more tolerant of the views of other people.

Wardah: What are your favorite books?

None: I generally love books that are written from the heart, that are sincere. The sincerity of a writer really shines through his writing. One book in particular springs to mind for its sheer sincerity, The Book of Assistance of Imam al-Haddad.

Wardah: You got the job None!

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