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Mini Review - The Prisoner of Al-Hakim

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This period novel dating back to the Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphate brings to the fore an oft-forgotten side of polymaths such as Alhasan Ibn al-Haytham, as a person that, like all of us, experiences doubt, fear and love. Bradley Steffens humanises Ibn Al-Haytham in a dignified way, illustrating the inspirations and thought processes behind many of his defining philosophical and scientific discoveries. A thread that runs through the novel is a deftly woven story of Ibn Al-Haytham and his student, who ends up teaching him bigger lessons in return. Suitable for Young Adults.
/ Nur Humairah

The Prisoner of Al-Hakim: A Story About the Scientist Ibn al-Haytham (965–1040)
Bradley Steffens
Blue Dome

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