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Update: The Silent Book Club is now officially a weekly event!

We all know the immense benefits of reading. But do you find it a challenge to commit to reading? How do you establish a habit if you have trouble carving out time to read?

Wardah Books is hosting a Silent Online Book Club. Everyone is welcome to join us on Zoom for an hour of silent reading every week.

You can read any book.

Read from anywhere as long as you have internet connection: a coffeeshop, East Coast Park, your bedroom, void deck, balcony, or even a very long bus ride (preferably sitting down).

What do you have to do?

1) At the start of the session, just type in the Zoom chat to tell everyone

  • where you are reading from,
  • the title of the book you are reading, and
  • your accompanying beverage (or cat).

2) Switch on your video so we can all have some sense of reading together.

3) All participants will be muted by default — it is a silent book club after all. Then we all read for about an hour.

At the end of the session, the host will signal that time is up and we say goodbye and tell everyone how many pages we’ve read. It would be fun to see how many pages we’ve read collectively at the end of each session.

And that's it!

No registration is required; just hop into the Zoom room and let the reading begin, inshaAllah.

Zoom Details
Every Sunday

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8am – 9am (GMT+8, Singapore time)

Zoom Link

Click here

Meeting ID

829 8543 4068



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