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Hands Learning

Prophetic Guidance

Shaykh Umar H Al-Khatib






Section One

Etiquettes of Waking Up, Purification, Dressing and Invocations in the Last Portion of the Night


Section Two

Etiquettes of the Call to Prayer, the Mosque and the Prayer


Section Three

The Time Between Fajr and Duha Including the Adhkar, Recitation of the Quran and Bestowing Prayers Upon the Prophet s.a.w.


Section Four

Entering the Home, Eating and the Objectives of a Muslim


Section Five

A Description of the Messenger of Allah


Section Six

Etiquettes at Work, the Zuhr Prayers and Social Relations


Section Seven

From Asr Until the Time You Sleep


Section Eight

Prophetic Invocations and Etiquettes for Various Times


Section Nine

Etiquettes of the Friday Prayer and Travelling