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Finding Inner Peace

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Imam Abu Layth al-Samarqandi

Muhammad Ali Asghar (translation)




Qurrat al-'uyun


This book is about the punishment for major sins (kabair) – May Allah protect us. 


Amongst the foremost traits of our post-modern society are speed and access. Today, there are fewer barriers than ever before between us and that from which our Lord has forbidden us. Yet this “sin-on-demand” culture has left us weary and broken; distanced from Allah’s mercy but often in a manner so subtle and absolute that we are not even aware of it.


This concise work by the tenth-century jurist and sage, Imam Abu Layth Samarqandi is a perfect antidote to our state, awakening the believer from his slumber by detailing ten of the major sins and their punishments, before inspiring us to greater heights with a detailed description of Paradise and its bounties. Translated into English by Mawlana Ali Asghar, this work is an essential read for all who desire to find inner peace.



1. Abandoning the Prayer

2. Drinking alcohol

3. Adultery

4. Homosexuality

5. Usury

6. Lamenting

7. Withholding obligatory alms

8. Murder and breaking the ties of kinship

9. Disobeying parents

10. Musical Instruments

11. Conclusion: Paradise and What It Contains