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The Opening of Hearts in Explaining the State of the Deceased and of the Graves

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Al-Imam Jalal ad-Din As-Suyuti

Mahdi Lock (translation)




It is on the authority of al-Hasan, who said, 'When Allah the Exalted created Adam and his progeny, the angels said, "The earth will not be spacious enough for them.'

He said, "I will create death."

They said, "Then they will not enjoy life."

He said, "I will create hope."


The event of losing a loved one leaves many left behind seeking meaning in their loss and answers to myriad of questions. What happens when we die? Can the deceased hear us? Can they see us? Can we benefit them? Can they benefit us?


This masterpiece by Imam Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti not only provides answers to these questions and so many more but also offers hope, comfort, and solace by describing the believer's journey from this life into the next.


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1. The Beginning of Death

2. The Prohibition Against Wishing for Death

3. The Superiority of a Long Life Spent in Obedience to Allah

6. Remembering Death and Preparing for It

10. The Sign of a Good End

11. The One Whose Appointed Time is Near, How Death Happens, and Its Severity

19. The Sky and the Earth Weeping Over the Believer When He Dies

24. The Questioning of the Two Angels

28. That Which Saves From the Punishment of the Grave

34. The Deeds of the Living Being Shown to the Deceased

37. The Spirits of the Deceased and the Spirits of the Living Meeting During Sleep

41. What Benefits the Deceased in His Grave

Conclusion: Regarding Beneficial Lessons Connected to the Spirit