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Autumm Hill

Silence of the Sufi

Sabit Madaliev, Russell Scott Valentino




And I Do Call to Witness the Self-Reproaching Spirit


Through short, historical vignettes on spiritual teachers and brief stories, The Silence of the Sufi examines the Zen-like spiritual practices of Central Asian Sufism, providing a personal account of the seekers own entry into the traditions of the Naqshbandiya of Uzbekistan. Part history, part devotional work, part literary, religious, and historical wandering, this book seeks to explore, preserve, validate, and through discreet segments - "On Listening Attentively", "On Gentle Words", "On Proper Posture" - record and ruminate on Sufi Islam as practiced in Central Asia across the centuries. The book's historical and devotional aspects are made beautiful and compelling through the seeker's poetic idiom, his uncertainty, his sense of unworthiness in the search for God. Sufism's core ideas of intoxicating love, absence of self, and divine and human purpose find expression in every sentence, attempting to strike a chord in our modern lives.