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Nur Foundation

Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings Upon the Best of Creation

Ustadha Samar al-Asha

Dr Feyral Salem (tr.)




Majalis an-Nur fi-Salati ala l-rasul


"Dr. Feryal Salem has done an invaluable service for the Muslim community by translating this beautiful book into English. Penned by the great scholar of both Qur'an and hadith sciences, Ustadha Samar al-Asha, the book is an engaging compilation of religious knowledge, poems, odes and supplications. Anyone possessing a heart with a modicum of life will be moved, inspired and enriched by this work. The value of this volume is further enhanced by Dr. Salem's well-researched and informative introduction. This book should be in the library of every English-speaking Muslim. It will enhance the love of the lovers, and ignite the fire of love in the hearts of the deprived."  -  Imam Zaid Shakir




1. Remembrance Among the People of Piety

2. Remembrance Through Sending Prayers On The Messenger

3. Remembrance Through the Noble Qur'an

4. Seeking Repentance (Tawba) and Forgiveness (Istighfar)

5. Remembrance Through God's Beautiful Names