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Safinah Publications

The Art of Letting God

Mizi Wahid




Surrendering all your broken pieces to Him, one prayer at a time. 




1: The greatest temptation

2: How did I end up broken?

3: The meaning of "surrender"

4: Understanding our destination, and His roadmap

5: God begins where you end

6: Your stops and steps

7: What people say

8: Releasing what you can't change

9: Leave your enemies to Him

10: Trust in His perfect timing

11: Between giving up and knowing you've had enough

12: Listening with a clean heart

13: Moving forward, with faith

14: People pleaser

15: Don't surrender your power to others

16: The undeniable power of love... and hate

17: Forgiveness

18: New beginnings

19: Bordering on despair: When things are falling apart

20: Healing: picking up your broken pieces from the ground

21: From broken to whole: Reaching full circle