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Call Upon Him
Call Upon Him

Safinah Publications

Call Upon Him

Mizi Wahid

Hardback, 188 Pages


21 Steps to Strengthen Our Trust In Allah 

Call Upon Him discusses 21 practical steps on how we can nurture our relationship with Allah through our du’a. It teaches us how to strengthen our trust in Him, despite the often long wait for the fulfilment of a du'a.

Written with the sole intention of inspiring people to have unshakable faith in Allah, Mizi Wahid shares his wisdom in the real science of how du'a, effort and fate come together to determine our destiny in this life and the hereafter. 


Part 1: Encouragement, Trust and Hope

Part 2: Questions About Prayer (Du'a)

Part 3: List of Prayers (Du'a) 

(This is a revised 2019 edition of the book titled Prayers for Success.)