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Millennium Discourses

Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema




This is a collection of discourses delivered in and around the time of the turn of the millennium.


Within the Darqawi Sufi order, a dars is usually delivered by the shaykh or muqaddam after a session of dhikr when all concerned are in a deep and quiet state.


Excerpt: "Our freedom lies in our capability to be still. It is only when we are still that we are in a position to correctly appraise that which Allah is putting in front of us. If you are on the path you must have the capacity to suspend your own agenda and to stop talking to yourself; to silence your inner dialogue. The dhikr delivers us to a place where, for a few moments, this aperture of silence appears. We have a taste of peace."





Discourse 1: Iqraa - Reading the text


Discourse 2: Seeing Things as They Are


Discourse 3: Consciousness - Moment by Moment


Discourse 4: Freeing the Breath


Discourse 5: Not Knowing


Discourse 6: Patience and Gratitude - The Signs of Imaan


Discourse 7: Allah is in Charge


Discourse 8: Gratitude - Cracking the Code


Discourse 9: The Worship of the Free


Discourse 10: Journeying Through the Three Stations


Discourse 11: Shifting Perception - Shifting the Worldview


Discourse 12: Being Present in the Moment


Discourse 13: Testing: Seeing the Cracks Enables You to Deal With Them


Discourse 14: Know Yourself and You Will Know Your Lord


Discourse 15: Yearning


Discourse 16: Listen!


Discourse 17: Submission and Witnessing


Discourse 18: Expansion and Contraction: It's Like Breathing


Discourse 19: Our Intentions


Discourse 20: Annihilation


Discourse 21: Light - Allah is the Light


Discourse 22: Humility


Discourse 23: Witness


Discourse 24: Repentance and Courtesy


Discourse 25: Love


Discourse 26: Hand Over to Allah


Discourse 27: Who Am I?


Discourse 28: You Contain All of Existence!


Discourse 29: Reprogramming Ourselves - Ramadan


Discourse 30: Revolution of the Self - The Emergence of Nobility