FAQ on Rewards

To thank readers like you for supporting our bookstore, we offer a rewards program¬†ūüĆĻ¬†

  • For every $1 spent (both online¬†and in-store) you will be rewarded with 5 Roses
  • Collect enough Roses and you can redeem $5/$10/$15 discount codes
  • Apply these discount codes at checkout
  • Enjoy your books :)

    How do I sign up for Rewards?

    Click the blue Rewards button at the bottom right of our website. 

    How many Roses do I need to redeem discount codes?

    • $5 off - 1250 Roses
    • $10 off - 2500 Roses
    • $15 off - 3750 Roses

    Is spending the only way to earn Roses?

    You can also earn Roses by completing your profile and following us on Instagram! For steps, click the blue Rewards button at the bottom right of our website.

    Where can I use my rewards?

    Both on the website and in-store at 58 Bussorah Street, Singapore.

    I've received a coupon on my birthday. Does it expire?

    The birthday discount coupon expires 14 days after your birthday.

    My birthday is coming soon. I've just signed up for rewards. Will I get the discount?

    You need to have a rewards account set up with your birthday information at least 1 month before you are eligible to earn birthday rewards. This is a fraud prevention measure put in place by the software we use to prevent customers from creating fake accounts to claim birthday rewards immediately.