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Free local (SG) delivery for orders $100 and above.
Free local (SG) delivery for orders $100 and above.

FAQ on Rewards

To thank readers like you for supporting our bookstore, we offer a rewards program 🌹 
Every $1 spent (both online and in-store) gets you 5 Roses.
Collect enough Roses to redeem discount codes.
Apply these discount codes at checkout.
Enjoy your books :)


    Signing Up | Earning | Redemption | Birthday Rewards


    How do I sign up for Rewards?
    Click the blue Rewards button at the bottom centre of our website.

    I've signed up at the store, do I have to create an account on the website too?
    Yes. Please use the same email address to create an online account.



    How much do I need to spend to get Roses?

    • Every S$1 spent (in-store and online) → 5 Roses
    • eg. S$100 → 500 Roses

      Is spending the only way to earn Roses?
      You can also earn Roses by completing your profile and following us on Instagram! For steps, click the blue Rewards button at the bottom centre of our website.



      How many Roses do I need to redeem discount codes?

      • 1250 Roses → $5 off
      • 2500 Roses → $10 off
      • 3750 Roses → $15 off 

      Where can I use my Roses?

      • In-store (58 Bussorah Street, Singapore)
      • On this website

      How do I check / redeem my Roses?

      • Click on the blue rewards button
      • Log in (if you haven't)
      • It will show how many Roses you have, and if you can redeem
      • Click  the blue "Redeem" button if you have enough Roses
      • Use the coupon code at checkout :)



      What is the Birthday Reward?

      • IMPORTANT: If you just signed up and your birthday is this month, you will only be eligible for birthday rewards next year
      • It is a one-time use, 15% off code, specific to your account
      • The coupon will be sent to your registered email address

      When does it expire?
      3 weeks after your birthday

      Can I transfer this coupon to my friend?
      The coupon is non-transferable and is linked to your registered email address

      Why do I need to include my birthday information one month prior?
      This is an automated fraud prevention measure

      How do I input my birthday details?
      1) Click on the blue "Check Rewards" button

      2) Click on "Earn", then click on "Complete Profile"

      3) Add in your birthday