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101 Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad

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Follow Alif, Alia and their friends as they carry out their day-to-day activities by following the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Learn excellent qualities of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and practise them in your daily life.


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Seek Knowledge

Give Charity

Do Not Slander

Avoid Arrogance

Wear Clean Clothes

Speak Nicely

Share with One Another

The Pillars of Iman

Reading the Quran

Obey Your Parents

Take a Bath Before. The Friday Prayer

Brush your Teeth After Waking Up

Have Good Intentions

Etiquette in the Mosque

Be Quite During Friday Khutbah

Pray on Time

Act with Kindness

Share with Neighbours

Be Neighbourly

In and Out of the Toilet

Be Honest

Wave Before Leaving

Do Dhikr After Prayer