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After Iftar Tales

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Hardback, 140 pages


There is a sweet pause between the Maghrib and Isha Prayers in Ramadan. Families sit together in gratitude for having completed a day of fasting and for the food that they have just eaten. It is a time for quiet reflection and the perfect time to relax. What better way to do that than open up "After Iftar Tales" for a look at some unique Ramadan experiences.


We asked the Bismillah Buddies community for their Ramadan stories and they responded from all over the world. What we have here is a carefully curated collection of stories from you, and for you. These are stories that will seem familiar because we all have a Haboba who has a special tin of candy. You will also meet new characters like the Iftar Thief and say hello to Amina whose Ramadan dua comes true.


Do you have a family heirloom that graces the Ramadan table, well, so do Farid and his family. Have you ever had a wish come true like Abdu and his Eid Wish? And who doesn't have a story of a disaster at Iftar? These stories and many more truly reflect the Ramadan spirit. They are perfect for everyone to enjoy, while waiting for the Isha prayer or really any time at all.