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Al-Ghazali’s The Revival of the Religious Sciences for the 21st Century

by Kazi
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Souad Hakim

Foreward by Mohammed Rustom




"There are many new problems faced in the modern Islamic world. While many scholars have tried to address this with their own opinions, I want to use a Classical Islamic text as a foundation from which I think I can resolve the inherent clash between 'modern Islam' and 'classical Islam'. In this book, I have re-written Imam al-Ghazali's famous Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din) for the Muslim reader of the 21st century." – from the Introduction by the author. 


Souad al-Hakim is Professor of Philosophy at the Lebanese University. She also teaches a course on Sufism at the Institute of Eastern Literature and the Institute of Muslim-Chritian Studies of the Saint-Joseph University, Beirut. 




Chapter 1: Knowledge and the Intellect in Islam

The Value of Learning in Islam

The Intellect in Islam

Submission (Islam) and Faith (Iman): The Relationship Between Submission and Faith

The Rulings of Islam and Iman

Faith is Liable to Increase and Decrease

Purity and Cleanliness

Formal Prayer

Merits of Friday


Chapter 2: The Soul and Its Exercise and the Wonders of the Heart

The “Heart” in the Quran

Sensuous Knowledge, Mental Knowledge, and Heart Knowledge

How to Become Prepared for Inspirational Knowledge?

Evil Thoughts and Whisperings of Satan

Character and Manners: The Merit of Good Character and Demerit of Bad Character

The Reality of Good Manners

Man Knows the Importance and Social Benefits of Good Character but his Free Willpower Does Not Respond. Why?

Exercise of Dealing and Exercise of Witnessing?

Die Before You Die

Importance of Linking Moral Education to Religious Education


Chapter 3: Aspects of Spirituality

Faults of the Tongue





Definition and Reality of Gratefulness

The Merit of Hope


Reliance on God


Chapter 4: Manners in Islam

Manners of Listening to Spiritual Music and Emotions

Manners and Effects of Spiritual Music

Manners Related to Recitation of the Quran


Chapter 5: Prayers and Supplications

The Merit of Remembering God in Gatherings

The Status of Uttering Glorifications, Praises, and other Remembrances of God

Traditional Supplications

The Merits of Pronouncing Salutations on the Prophet Muhammad

The Significance of Supplicating for Forgiveness


Chapter 6: Manners Related to Events of Death and Funerals

The Merit of the Remembrance of Death

On the Passing Away of the Prophet Muhammad

Manners of Attending Funerals

Life and Questioning by the Angels in the Grave

Dreams Revealing the Conditions of the Dead and Deeds Beneficial in the Hereafter

Conditions of the Dead from the Time of Blowing of the Trumpet to the Time of Settling in Paradise


Conclusion: Manners Related to Ways of Living and the Manners of the Prophet Muhammad