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A Place in the Sun

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Yohanna Abdullah

Paperback, 119 Pages



"A Place in the Sun will greatly benefit those who are going through the healing process, their caregivers, health care professionals and everyone else in the community.

Healing hearts with 17 stories of people who find Hope, Empowerment, Acceptance and Love, while facing challenges one day at a time. The sun promises to shine bright every day and warms and nurtures souls. There is a place for you and me in the Light. 

It gives an account of the lives of those who have been severely affected by mental illness. While the writing style makes it easy to read, the stories told by the individual sufferers or their caregivers are heart-wrenching, and painful are the descriptions of their journeys and their attempts to make sense of things. Many could not comprehend what was happening to them and were even more perplexed as to why the illness had chosen them.

In most cases, the illness crept into their lives almost unnoticed, although sometimes triggered by personal tragedies or the uncaring and cruel conduct of others. But what comes across most vividly in the book are their strength, stoicism and courage in overcoming the odds against them. This is the most inspiring part about A Place in the Sun and I believe it will greatly motivate and inspire all who read it." – President Halimah Yacob, Chief Patron of Club Heal.

Selected Contents (5/17):

1. Deluded no more 

2. Whenever in darkness, there will be light somewhere

3. I have a dream

4. Hindsight has perfect vision

5. Maid for life