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Critical Muslim 15: Educational Reform

by Hurst
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Jeremy Henzell-Thomas argues that educational reform is the biggest challenge facing Muslim societies, Richard Pringle discusses the purpose of education, Abdelwahab El-Affendi suggests ways that Muslim education should be reconfigured, Abdulkader Tayob argues that issues of identity are intrinsically linked to Islamic educational reform, Farid Panjwani is convinced that conventional approaches to education in Islam are deeply flawed, Ebrahim Moosa rethinks the whole idea of the madrassas, Ali Asani experiments with new methods of teaching Islam, Keri Facer explores the future of public knowledge-building, Moneef R. Zou’bi suggests ways that science education can be improved in the Muslim world, Sindre Bangstad highlights the problems in researching Islamophobia, Paul Ashwin wants to improve student engagement, Nejatullah Siddiqi thinks Islamic economics is passed its ‘sell by’ date, and Ziauddin Sardar takes us from ‘Islamisation of Knowledge’ to ‘Integration of Knowledge’.