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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

Essentials of Islamic Epistemology

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Mulyadhi Kartanegara




A Philosophical Inquiry into the Foundation of Knowledge


This beautiful work written with deep insight and in readable English covers essential aspects of the Islamic philosophy of knowledge. Drawing on the writings of the classical and modern Islamic philosophers, the author has presented in a coherent manner the Islamic philosophical foundation of knowledge that extends far beyond the boundaries of the material world. The comparison of Islamic epistemology with that of the West brings into sharp focus the substance of the Islamic philosophy of knowledge with all its complexities. A must read for all students of Islamic philosophy, a taste of the deep intellectual heritage of Islam. - Sheikh Abdul Mabud - Director General, The Islamic Academy Cambridge United Kingdom




1: Science, ‘Ilm and Opinion

2: Science, Philosophy and Religion

3: Sense, Reason and Heart

4: Ontological Status of Objects

5: Ontological Basis of Knowledge

6: On Scientific Methods

7: The Problem of Objectivity

8: Approaching the Truth

9: Reality of Mystical Experience

10: The Transcosmic Voyage

11: Philosophy of Prophecy

12: Naturalization of Knowledge

13: Secularization of Knowledge

14: Islamization of Knowledge