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Forty Hadith on the Virtues of the Testament of Faith

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Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani, Derrick Ahmad Peat, tr.




The shahadah is the very core and essence of what makes a believer. The testament to faith is our gateway towards a relationship with our creator, Allah.


Why is it then something a lot of us Muslims today take for granted? We mindlessly mouth it in our prayers day in and day out, without truly realizing its weight and reality.⁠

In this treatise, Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani extracted forty of the the most sound narrations in Imam Abu Hassan al-Basri’s larger work in succinctly highlighting the benefits, virtues and merits of the statement “la illaha illa Allāh”.⁠

Hadith #25 for example, speaks of 4,000 major sins being wiped away if the shahadah is recited in a specific manner, while in Hadith #39, Allāh Subḥānahu wa ta’ala declares security from His Wrath for those who declare the shahadah.⁠

If actions are by intentions, then, through these collection of hadith, magnify your intentions for the most profound and powerful message delivered by the Prophet SAW and all the prophets before him: that there is no god but Allāh.⁠