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Goodnight Stories from the Quran

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Saniyasnain Khan



Goodnight Stories from the Quran is the answer to every child's longing to hear a good bedtime story. It containts a careful selection of thirty-three magnificent Quranic tales retold in age-appropriate language. A simple text and fabulous colour illustrations, which bring the narratives vividly to life, make the message of the Quran more meaningful for children. The book offers a special dimension to these wonderful goodnight stories, and acts as a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge from the Quran.




How Allah Created the Universe

The Father of Humankind

The Gentle Brother

The Story of the Prophet Nuh a.s.

The Ark and the Great Flood

The Camel and the Prophet Salih a.s.

Allah's Best Friend

How Ibrahim a.s. Came to Know Allah 

The Great Sacrifice

Building the Kabah

The Honoured Guests

The Best-loved Son

The Story of the Prophet Shuayb a.s.

The Patient Man's Miracle

The Queen's Kindness

Allah Speaks to Musa a.s.

The Cruel King Drowned

The Treasure House

The Prophet Musa a.s. Meets the Wise Man

The Prophet Uzayr's Donkey

The Great King and the Iron Wall

The Valley of Ants

The Queen's Throne

The Man and the Big Fish

The Gardens Watered with Running Stream

The Good News of a Son

The Baby's Miracle

Sleepers in the Cave

The Quran Revealed During Ramadan

The Night Journey

The Migration to Madinah

The Prophet Muhammad's Message of Peace