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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

HD40: Life

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Hidayat Radja Nurul Bahri, compiler




This is a collection of 40 prophetic narrations of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on living life on this earth. The sunnah of the Prophet provides a vast treasury of wisdom and lessons for the ummah to be empowered and inspired by. It is a beacon in which humanity can depend on to traverse this journey of life. 


Chapter One: Purpose

Life To The Fullest

Why We Do What We Do

The Sweetness of Submission

Tranquility in Truth

The Truth of Tribulations

The End Game

Vantage Point

We Are All But Wayfarers


Chapter Two: Faith

A Guide for Guidance

Beyond Skin Deep

Universal Love

Hope Lies in Befriending God

The Balance of Love

1% Mercy

Truthful Reliance

Unlimited Forgiveness


Chapter Three: Knowledge

Acceptance of Guidance

Blessed Road-Trip

If You Want It, Go Get It

Gift of Comprehension

Time For This, Time For That

We Hate Boredom

Social Obligation

Academic Accuracy


Chapter Four: Deeds

"He Sweetens Him"

Focus On The Process, Not The Results

A Balancing Act

Only The Good Can Extinguish The Bad

Living A Life of Service to Humanity

Spread Peace and Good Words

Consistency Is Key



Chapter Five: Success

Come To Success

Gratitude Is A Way Of Life

Positivity in the Face of Adversity

Choosing the Right Companion

Be Pragmatic and Practical

Honesty Is (Always) The Best Policy

Perfect Harmony

Focused on Eternal Success