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I Lost My Way: Finding Happiness after Despair

by Tertib
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Yasmin Mogahed

Paperback, 92 Pages



Life is not perfect. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we lose.

How can we find a way out of despair and live a life of happiness and well-being again?

Everything in this life is a test. Once we change the lens with which we see our lives, our internal and external response drastically changes. Happiness is achievable, regardless of what we have been through in our lives. Regardless of how far we have strayed from our true path, we can always come back to Allah. We can rise again and we can flourish in strength and faith.


Selected Contents (5/12):

1. The Promise of Allah

2. Stop Focusing on Yourself

3. Hope

4. Ways of Thinking

5. Happiness