Dar al-Fath

Initiating & Upholding Islamic Marriage

Hedaya Hartford




Beautiful words from what we consider to be the best book on the Islamic marriage.  

"Be careful if you make a woman cry because Allah Most High counts her tears. A woman came out of the rib of man, not his feet to be walked on, nor his head to be superior over; she came from his side to be his companion, under his arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."


 And wise words:


"Many Muslims mistakenly read books of fiqh as guide books to better living. A cursory look at the rules established by the Sacred Law will often reveal the letter of the law and not necessarily the spirit… That is to say, they tell you what rights you have in front of a judge, not how you should live ideally… Rights or duties are not instruments of abuse for a husband or wife to use against each other. Such conduct indicates a lack of understanding of the spirit of an Islamic marriage and Islam itself."



First Steps

Love in Islam

Common Sense Before Marriage

Fallacies About Happiness

Men as Men, Women as Women

Created Different

Criterion for Selection

Rights and Obligations: Letter and Spirit

Duties of the Husband

The Wife's Obligations

Appearance and Demeanor

Obedience or Abuse

The Wife Who Earns Paradise

Protocol with In-Laws

Staying Married


Setting the Tone of an Islamic Marriage

Marriage and the Nafs

Establishing Good Habits

Good Humour

Getting Along

The Wise Husband

Love and Comfort


Tenderness and the Female Nature

Bedroom Behaviour


Merits of a Spiritual Marriage