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Islam and Rationality: The Impact of al-Ghazali Vol.1

by Brill
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Frank Griffel (ed.)





1. God versus Causality

2. Al-Ghazālī’s Changing Attitude to Philosophy

3. Al-Ghazālī and the Rationalization of Sufism

4. Revelation, Sciences and Symbolism

5. Al-Ghazālī at His Most Rationalist

6. The Comedy of Reason: Strategies of Humour in al-Ghazālī

7. Al-Ghazālī on the Emotions

8. Sex, Marriage and the Family in Al-Ghazālī’s Thought

9. The Duties of the Teacher

10. Revisiting al-Ghazālī’s Crisis through His Scale for Action (Mizān al-ʿAmal)

11. Al-Ghazālī on Knowledge (ʿilm) and Certainty (yaqīn) in al-Munqidh min aḍ-Ḍalāl and in al-Qisṭās al-Mustaqīm

12. Ghazālī’s Hermeneutics and Their Reception in Jewish Tradition: Mishkāt al-Anwār (The Niche of Lights) and Maimonides’ Shemonah Peraqim

13. Al-Ghazālī, Averroes and Moshe Narboni

14. The Changing Image of al-Ghazālī in Medieval Jewish Thought

15. The Influence of al-Ghazālī on the Juridical, Theological and Philosophical Works of Barhebraeus

16. R. Marti and His References to al-Ghazālī

17. Al-Ghazālī’s Esotericism According to Ibn Taymiyya’s Bughyat al-Murtād

18. Arbitrating between al-Ghazālī and the Philosophers