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Islam in China: History, Spread and Culture

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P.K. Koya, editor




This book, through its rich and abundant collection of fourteen centuries of pictorial illustrations, takes us on a journey of discovery through history, culture, architecture and an overall look at the historical ancestry of Muslims in China. It also draws attention to the spread of Muslim settlements across the landscape of China.




Part I - China and Her Gateway

1. China the Country

2. Silk Road

3. Maritime Silk Routes


Part II - Islam in China

4. Islam in China - History

5. Islam in China - The People

6. Muslim Groups in China

7. Culture and Heritage

8. Some Selected Prominent Mosques

9. China Meets Arabia: The Calligraphy of the Orient

10. China's Unique Women-only Mosques and Women Imams

11. Islamic Education

12. Famous Muslims in China

13. Han Kitab

14. Zheng He - The Muslim Admiral


Part III - Chinese Muslims in Nusantara