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Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression

Johann Hari





Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions


"Put in the broadest terms, his argument is that if our current malaise lies in disconnection from vital human requirements such as neighbourliness, professional fulfilment, acknowledgment of trauma and so on, then we need to find ways to reconnect." - The Guardian




Part I: The Crack in the Old Story

1. The Wand

2. Imbalance

3. The Grief Exception

4. The First Flag on the Moon


Part II: Disconnection - Nine Causes of Depression and Anxiety

5. Picking Up the Flag

6. Cause 1: Disconnection from Meaning Work

7. Cause 2: Disconnection from Other People

8. Cause 3: Disconnection from Meaningful Values

9. Cause 4: Disconnection from  Childhood Trauma

10.Cause 5: Disconnection from Status and Respect

11.Cause 6: Disconnection from the Natural World

12:Cause 7: Disconnection from a Hopeful or Secure Future

13.Causes 8 and 9: The Real Role of Genes and Brain Changes


Part III: Reconnection. Or, A Different Kind of Antidepressant

14.The Cow

15.We Built This City

16.Reconnection 1: To Other People

17.Reconnection 2: Social Prescribing

18.Reconnection 3: To Meaningful Work

19.Reconnection 4: To Meaningful Values

20.Reconnection 5: Sympathetic Joy, and Overcoming Addiction to the Self

21.Reconnection 6: Acknowledging and Overcoming Childhood Trauma

22.Reconnection 7: Restoring the Future