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Loving Rasulallah: An Extract from Qadi Iyad's Shifa

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Qadi Iyad Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi

Abu Hasan, translation and notes




This short work is an extract and translation of some sections of Qadi Iyad's famous Ash-Shifa' bi-ta'rif huquq Mustafa (Healing by the Recognition of the Rights of the Chosen One), relating to the subject of loving the Prophet ﷺ.




1. The Obligation of Loving Him ﷺ


2. The Reward of Loving Him ﷺ


3. Anecdotes of Elders and Imams


4. The Signs of True Love


5. The Meaning of Loving RasulAllah ﷺ


6. The Obligation of Accepting His ﷺ Counsel