Reading is transformation

Sheikhy Notes

Major and Minor Signs of the Day of Judgement

Sheikh Yusuf al Nabhani, Arfan Shah (tr.)






The First Type of Condition to Precede the Hour


Three Eclipses




Metamorphosis and Transformation


Red Wind


Deferment of Leaders


Many Deaths


Conditions of the Hour


The Mahdi


The Dajjal


The Descent of Isa (a.s.)


Coming of Ya'juj and Ma'juj


The Sun Rising From the West


The Coming of the Beast


The Smoke


The Wind


Lifting of the Quran


Fire from the Pit of Aden


Appendix 1: Forty Hadith on the End of Times


Appendix 2: Obeying and Rebelling Against a Leader


Appendix 3: Obligation of Obeying the Leader of the Muslims