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Master of Excellence

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Dr Ali Gomaa

Dr Ibrahim Negm (tr.)



Methodology of Moral Discipline in the Prophetic Tradition


The religion of Islam undoubtedly enjoys the capacity to transform its various theological tenets and values into practical and moral principles. In fact, the Islamic Shariah was specifically established with an eye to instilling gracious behaviour and lofty ambitions among its adherents and to refine their characters, all of which contributes to general well being among people and throughout the land.


The implementation of Islam’s ethical structure is contingent upon educating people in its tenets and holding them accountable for their actions, its realisation depends upon the availability and procurement of life’s necessities. According to Islam, human well being begins and ends with manners and morals. It begins with the call for people to accept guidance and righteousness and culminates in producing behaviours among human beings indicative of humanity, nobility, and love.


This book seeks to demonstrate that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. established a moral paradigm and methodology and elucidates how he, through its implementation, produced ideal manners and morals among his companions. The methodology of character development under which the Prophet operated followed a noble plan of action by means of which the lofty goals which he and his rightly guided successors set were accomplished. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was the real embodiment of love, mercy, nobility and graciousness. He was indeed a master of excellence.




The Value of Peace

The Value of Respect

The Value of Love

The Value of Tolerance

The Value of Honesty

The Value of Humility

The Value of Cooperation

The Value of Happiness and Joviality

The Value of Responsibility

The Value of Simplicity

The Value of Unity