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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

Muhammadan Blessings

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Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Hardback, 460 pages



Collection of Prophetic Prayers and Spiritual Practices




Conditions for Authorisation of Waza’if (Litanies)


Part 1: Litanies (Waza’if) and Invocations (Adhkar) for Spiritual Advancement

1: The Ritual Prayer Litanies (Waza’if al-Salawat)

2: The Spiritual Development Litanies (Waza’if al-Nufus)

3: The Spiritual Connections Litanies (Waza’if al-Nisbat)

4: The Muhammadan Connection Litanies (Waza’if al-Nisba al-Muhammadiya s.a.w)


Part 2: Litanies (Waza’if) and Invocations (Adkhar) for Attaining Spiritual Blessings

5: The Qur’anic Verses Litanies (Waza’if al-Ayat)

6: The Qur’anic Chapters Litanies (Waza’if al-Suwar)

7: The Beautiful Names of Allah Litanies (Waza’if al-Asma’ al-Husna)


Part 3: Litanies (Waza’if) and Invocations (Adkhar) to Avert Trials and Misfortune

8: Litanies for Physical Healing

9: Litanies for Psychological Relief

10: Litanies for Protection Against the Evil Effects of Black Magic and Jinn


Part 4: Litanies (Awrad) and Odes (Qasa’id) for the Attainment of Spiritual Attention (Tawajjuh) and the Resolution of Difficulties

11: Devotional Litanies (Al-Awrad al-Ruhiyya)

12: Spiritual Odes (Qasa’id)