The secret gift of reading is time.

Jessica Kingsley

Muslim Identity in a Turbulent Age

Mike Hardy, Fiyaz Mughal, Sarah Markiewicz




Islamic Extremism and Western Islamophobia



1. The History of the Amman Message and the Promotion of the Amman Message Project


2. Taking the Amman Message to European Audiences: A Message for Muslims and Non-Muslims Alike. 


3. Islam in Europe and the Amman Message: Overview, Challenges and Potentials


4. Islam in the United Kingdom and the Impact of the Amman Message


5. Young British Muslims: Online Extremism and the Message of Islam


6. The Amman Message: An Early Confrontation with Extremist Islamic Movements


7. The Amman Message: A Counter-Narrative to Islamic Fundamentalism


8. The Amman Message as an Invitation to Interfaith Dialogue: A Christian Response


9. Charlie Hebdo and the Amman Message: A Counter-Narrative to Violent Fundamentalism?


10. The Amman Message ‘Other’: Repositioning Identity Politics for Dialogue and Justice


11. Looking Forward: An Impossible Road?