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Muslims of the World

by Abrams
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Sajjad Shah




Portraits and Stories


Muslims have long been the targets of harmful and false stereotypes about the Islamic faith. Muslims of the World aims to correct that injustice. In this honest and beautiful collection, more than sixty Muslims from around the globe tell diverse stories and share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings in their own words.


The common themes of friendship, love, family, and faith are interwoven with stories about the trials and tribulations of immigrants, refugees, and societies plagued by racism and prejudice. Each story is illustrated with a photograph that gives a face to accounts of courage, hardship, and triumph. Whether it’s an interracial couple struggling to surmount cultural obstacles in California, a young woman in Turkey who builds a library from scratch for her students, or a man whose childhood connection with Thanksgiving helped him overcome the stress of being an immigrant in Indiana, each person shares an inspiring tale of human connection and community.