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Free local deliveries for purchases $100 and above

Prophet Stories (Complete Set of 11 Books)

by Timas
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Belkis Ibrahimhakkioglu
Cem Kiziltug (illustration)

Paperback, Complete Set of 11 Books


Allah sent the Prophets to us as role models of goodness and belief. As Muslims we love and have faith in all of the Prophets in Quran, but how well do we know them? Here is a good opportunity to get to know these very special people better. With beautiful illustrations and readable accounts of the Prophets’ lives, your children will learn more about the there paragons of morality and virtue.

  1. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  2. Prophet Adam AS
  3. Prophet Nuh AS
  4. Prophet Ibrahim AS
  5. Prophet Yusuf AS
  6. Prophet Ayyub AS
  7. Prophet Musa AS
  8. Prophet Dawud AS
  9. Prophet Sulayman AS
  10. Prophet Yunus AS
  11. Prophet Isa AS