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Q&A With an Islamophobe

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Siddiq Bazarwala




Concise Responses to Counter Irrational Islamophobia


Containing responses to over 200 Q&As against ordinary Muslims and Islam, this book aims to counter the most vile yet repeated Islamophobic comments by renowned Islamophobes, anti-Muslim groups, talk-show hosts, and right-wing politicians, in an easy-to-reference Q&A format.




Common Non-Muslim Viewpoint

Defining Islamophobia

“Reformed” or Ex-Muslims

Muhammad (PBUH) & Islamophobes then

Most terrorists are Muslims…

Counter-terrorism policies fuelling Islamophobia

Muslims Support ISIS

Head-chopping & suicide bombings among Muslims

“Islamic” violence over the last 50–100 years

Muslims want to kill all non-Muslims

Anti-immigrant citizens of the West

Q&A with a Radicalised “Muslim”

Q&A with an Atheist

Condemn or be damned

Charlie Hebdo. Muslims & Freedom of Speech

Lighten up, Muslims

The Media

Muslim-majority countries remain backwards

Anti-feminism within Islam

Islam on Homosexuality

Blasphemy in Islam

Apostasy in Islam

China, India & Burma: Islamophobia’s Next Frontier

Middle East’s ”Kumidia Alaktha” (Comedy of Errors)

The Sunni-Shia Debacle

Minorities in Muslim-majority countries

Most misunderstood by Muslims

Blaming the “Mullahs”

Plea to every single ordinary Muslim worldwide

Fighting Islamophobia: Sample strategies

Global brand building for Muslims and Islam