Azhar Academy

Scenes We Find Ourselves In

Abdus Subhan Dalvi




Many Muslims have things in common with each other without even realising it. They all pray at the same time, make pilgrimages to the same place, perform similar ritual worship and quite often, battle common spiritual ailments. In fact, many of us find ourselves in identical situations at different points of our life. The difference is in the way we handle ourselves and the scenes we find ourselves in.


The author discusses various issues that present themselves to Muslims throughout their lives: from parenting to conflicts at work. He offers various practical solutions and remedies to such situations.




"And Their Father Was Pious..." (18:82)


"Believers, If a Troublemaker Brings You News, Check It First, In Case You Wrong Others Unwittingly and Later Regret What You Have Done..." (49:6)


"Do You Know Who The Bankrupt One Is?"


The Blessed Month of Ramadan


"Those To Whom We Have Given The Book Recite It With Its True Recital. They [Are The Ones] Who Believe In It." (2:188)


Expressing Love To Your Child


Ready To Get Married But Not Ready For A Marriage


Work Aggro


"Accomplish The Hajj and 'Umrah For Allah..." (2:196)


"The Most Burdensome Prayers For the Hypocrites Are 'Isha' and Fajr."


Illness and Visiting The Sick


"He Knows The Treachery of the Eyes and Whatever Is Concealed by Hearts." (40:19)