Singapore: A Very Short History
Singapore: A Very Short History


Singapore: A Very Short History

Alvin Tan




Singapore: A Very Short History — From Temasek to Tomorrow is a fresh, new, and highly-readable account of Singapore’s history. It is a sweeping story of discovery, abandonment, rediscovery and development of what is today one of the world’s greatest port-cities. Brief as this account may be, it incorporates all the latest research and findings about Singapore’s past, and weaves a concise yet coherent and comprehensive account of the island over the last 700 years.




• Fate & Fleeting Fortunes - c. 13th century–early 19th century

• Decisive Moments - 1819–1826

• A Whole New World - 1826–1900

• Decline & Fall - 1900–1941

• Syonan - 1942–1945

• The Contest - 1945–1959

• Becoming Singapore - 1959–1965

• ’To Achieve Happiness, Prosperity and Progress’ - 1965–2019

• Conclusion