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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

Stories of the Sahaba

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Shaikh Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi, Asim Ahmad tr.




Fadail al-Amal: Virtues of Good Deeds, Stories of the Sahaba


This anthology features stories of the Sahaba to inspire us and to illustrate the meaning of humanity and love for Allah and His last Prophet s.a.w. We must read these stories repeatedly and inculcate love for the Sahaba in our hearts, for love of Sahaba invites love for the blessed Prophet s.a.w. and love for the blessed Prophet s.a.w. invites the love of Allah. The lives of the Sahaba are of love for Allah, fearlessness, selflessness, valiance, humility, and austerity. Their mission: to secure the Din of Allah and preserve it until the Day of Judgement. They are an inspiration for the whole of humankind and teach us the true meaning of honour, justice, and peace. 




I: Steadfastness in Hardship

II: Fear of Allah

III: Abstinence of the Sahaba

IV: Piety and Scrupulousness

V: Devotion to Salat

VI: Sympathy and Self-Sacrifice

VII: Valor and Heroism

VIII: The Zeal for Knowledge

IX: Pleasing the Blessed Prophet s.a.w.

X: Love of Iman in Women and Their Courage

XI: Children's Devotion to Islam

XII: Different Stories About the Sahaba's Love for the Blessed Prophet s.a.w.