Syair Asas Ugama
Syair Asas Ugama

Baytul Hikma

Syair Asas Ugama

Muhammad Khairool Haque

Paperback, in Malay



This work is a poem written in the style of traditional Malay sha'ir in quatrain form.


Written in both Jawi and Latin script, Syair Asas Ugama is a versification of the lessons based on Imam Nawawi's compilation of forty hadith. The writing of this work was inspired by sha'ir written by Malay sages such as Shaykh Ahmad Al Fathani, Tuan Guru Haji Ahmad Melaka and Raja Ali Haji. Maulana Hussein bin Abdul Qadir Al-Yusufi, a hadith scholar who teaches the canonical hadith works in Malaysia and Singapore, has written a foreword to this work.