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Tawhid and Science: Islamic Perspectives on Religion and Science


Tawhid and Science: Islamic Perspectives on Religion and Science

Osman Bakar






Part One: The Epistemological Foundation of Islamic Science

Chapter 1: Religious Consciousness and the Scientific Spirit in Islamic Tradition

Chapter 2: The Question of Methodology in Islamic Science

Chapter 3: The Place of Doubt in Islamic Epistemology: al-Ghazzali's Philosophical Experience


Part Two: Man, Nature, and God in Islamic Science

Chapter 4: The Unity of Science and Spiritual Knowledge: The Islamic Experience

Chapter 5: The Atomistic Conception of Nature in Ash'arite Theology

Chapter 6: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Islamic Medicine


Part Three: Islamic Science and the West

Chapter 7: The Influence of Islamic Science on Medieval Christian Conceptions of Nature

Chapter 8: 'Umar Khayyam's Criticism of Euclid's Theory of Parallels


Part Four: Islam and Modern Science

Chapter 9: Islam and Bioethics

Chapter 10: Muslim Intellectual Responses to Modern Science and Technology

Chapter 11: Islam, Science and Technology: Past Glory, Present Predicaments ad the Shaping of the Future

Chapter 12: Applied and Engineering Sciences in the Perspectives of Tawhid and Shari'ah