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The Daughters of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Nafees Khan

Hardback, 128 Pages



This illustrated book explores the lives and times of the four daughters of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - Zainab, Ruqqayah, Umm Kulthum and Fatimah. It relates fascinating stories about their parents, the Prophet  and Khadija r.a., their growing up in the vicinity of the Kabah, marriage, motherhood, and their contribution to the spread of the message of Islam. Their lives are a source of inspiration and motivation for believers of all times.


Selected Contents:

Zainab (3/5)

1. The Eldest Daughter 

2. The Persecution of the Quraysh 

3. Zainab Saves her Husband



Ruqayyah (3/7)

1. Like the Twin Sisters

2. The Marriage 

3. The Surah al-Masad



Umm Kulthum (2/2)

1. The Possessor of Two Lights 

2. Lives Full of Sacrifices 


Fatimah (3/7)

1. The Youngest Daughter

2. The Brave Girl 

3. The Valley of Shib Abi Talib