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The Greatest Universal Sureties

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Dr Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Buti, Mahdi Lock (tr.)




The Creator's Existence and the Creature's Function




1. The Scientific Method of Researching Truth According to Muslim Scholars and Others

2. What Makes Man Need Authentic Theology Regarding the Universe and Life and Its Requirements

3. The Position of Creed in Relation to the Entire Islamic Structure


Part One: Divinity

1. The Existence of Allah, Mighty and Majestic

2. The Attributes of Allah the Exalted

3. The Consequences of these Attributes in terms of Theological Facts

4. Seeing Allah the Exalted


Part Two: Prophethood

1. The Meaning of Prophethood

2. The Phenomenon of Revelation

3. The Necessary Attributes of Prophets

4. Miracles


Part Three: The Universe

1. The Theory of Evolution

2. The Angels

3. The Jinn

4. The Law of Causation in the Universe


Part Four: Matters of the Unseen

1. Realities Connected With Death

2. The Signs of the Hour

3. The Day of Standing and its Events



1. There is No Sovereignty Except for Allah