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Healthy Muslimah

Then and Now: Food Has Changed

Umm Sakeenah




Food in the Time of the Prophet s.a.w and Food Now


"Our ummah is amongst the sickest in the world. [Why?] Because we have moved away from eating food the way Allah made it and the way the Prophet SAW ate it... replacing natural food with processed food that has crept into our diets and overrun our markets, not realizing that this food has been making us sick."


This work takes the reader on a journey through time, offering an eye-opening tour through the way food has changed and the effect it is having on our health as a result. This work also offers solutions to taking back control of our health - healthy eating by getting back to basics, not following fad diets or food gurus but eating natural whole food the way Allah made it and the way the Prophet s.a.w. ate. 



1 - The Root of the Problem

2 - A Corrupted Food Society

3 - Food, Then and Now

4 - Food, Health, Healing and Hope

5 - Making Changes

6 - A Challenge