Dar Al Faqih

The Zealots

Sheikh Ali Jum'ah




An in-depth study into how traditional texts have been manipulated to serve an extremist ideology


In this work, Sheikh 'Ali Jum'ah, former Grand Mufti of Egypt, employs all the tools of an assiduous Azhari scholar to highlight the central misconceptions that have plagued the Muslim community for the last hundred years and which has led not only to reckless charges of disbelief but also to murder and carnage.


Discussed through 17 prime issues, this is a work of utmost importance for contemporary Muslims. 




1. Ascribing a physical location to God


2. Attempting to discredit the Ash'arites


3. Rejecting the need to follow one of the recognised schools of jurisprudence


4. Issuing religious edicts without being qualified to do so


5. Considering Muslims' actions to be reprehensible innovations (Bid'a)


6. Prohibiting tawassul through the Prophet


7. Prohibiting prayer in mosques that contain graves


8. The belief that seeking blessing from the relics of the Prophet and the Pious is polytheism


9. Prohibiting the celebration of the Prophet's birth


10. Prohibiting travelling to visit the Prophet or the graves of the prophets and the pious


11. Using the name of the Prophet in the form of an oath


12. Claiming that the Prophet's parents are destined for hellfire


13. Denying that the dead have any awareness of those who visit them


14. The prohibition of the remembrance of God in abundance and the forbiddance of litanies


15. Forbidding the use of prayer beads


16. Overemphasis on outward appearance


17. Conflating preaching with knowledge