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Read-Aloud Session with Homely Hammock

Read-Aloud Session with Homely Hammock

About the authors

Homely Hammock was set up by 2 sisters, Hafeezah and Hanan, who go by the pen name Ukht Husni. Hafeezah majored in Sociology and Theatre Studies. That’s why she does most of the storytelling! She went on to become an English Language and Literature teacher before starting up Homely Hammock.
Hanan majored in Architecture and was an Architect for a few years before a career switch to the education industry where she taught English Language and Art.

Their passion for books inspired them to publish a steady collection of books that is rooted from oral story-telling traditions. To date, they have published 9 books and created 2 card games. Last year, they won the “Best Book Series 2021” Award from the Daybreak Press Awards in the USA for the Arabic Alphabet Series of Huruf Island. They also won the Wardah Books Readers’ Choice 2021 for their book ‘Alhamdulillah Saves the Day’ from the Blessed Words Series.

All these wonderful stories they’ve heard as children and even as adults in their classes are stories they want to put forth for the following generation to read and love. They believe that books should not only be beautiful but feed the mind, spirit and soul


Date: 3 September 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30 am Singapore
Venue: Loft (Level 2, staircase only), Wardah Books, 58 Bussorah Street S(199474)

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