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  • The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2023

    The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2023

    This year, we are taking an approach framed by Maqasid al-Shariah. Specifically we will be looking at the five preservations that are essential for human life, namely: Preservation of Faith, Life, Lineage, Intellect and Property.
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  • Moments to Remember

    Moments to Remember

    It was a moment of quiet tenderness and a reminder that a child first sees the world refracted through their relationship with their parents or primary caregivers. This is how human beings begin and this is how we are. This also speaks to the power of the book to elicit empathy and even identity – the characters or situations in the story need not be identical to us for us to understand their world (and to expand ours). This power retains its potency even amid the pervasiveness of digital screen-based media.
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