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Free local (SG) delivery for orders $100 and above.

The Nightingale

  • Wardah Books of the Year 2023

    Wardah Books of the Year 2023

    Salaam Dear Reader. The tide of the year turns. The monsoon darkens the sky and the edges of leaves glisten with silver raindrops. The mercury drops a little; the heat becoming slightly less oppressive for birds to rest and refuel...

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  • Reducing Retail Packaging Waste

    Reducing Retail Packaging Waste

    In line with government initiative to move towards becoming a zero-waste nation and to reduce retail packaging waste specifically, Wardah Books will be implementing three changes starting 2 Jan 2024: Bring Your Own Bags We encourage all customers to bring...

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  • Readers’ Choice 2023 Announced

    Readers’ Choice 2023 Announced

    Wardah Books is happy that an original work by Singapore authors (published by Claritas from the UK) has won recognition among our readers. Indeed it is a subject that is of immense importance because sex is so pervasive and is so dominant in contemporary culture — even if we don’t want to admit it.
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  • Readers’ Choice 2023 Shortlist

    Readers’ Choice 2023 Shortlist

    As is our custom now for several years, at the start of December we start a poll for you to decide collectively the most significant books of the year. The poll is open now and closes on 8 December. We will announce inshaAllah the Readers’ Choice a week after that on 15 December.
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  • Muhammad Suhail: He Who Is Made Lord

    Muhammad Suhail: He Who Is Made Lord

    Muhammad Suhail Mohamed Yazid is a PhD candidate in History and the Prince of Wales Student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. A Singaporean historian, Suhail researches the broader history of decolonisation in the Malay World, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Global South. His book He Who is Made Lord recovers the multiple meanings of the Yang di-Pertuan Negara during a highly contested period of Singapore’s history. In this episode, Muhammad Suhail shares his key findings on the Yang di-Pertuan Negara and the historical significance of the office for Singapore.
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  • Write on Time

    Write on Time

    The Quran repeatedly emphasises contemplation as a crucial function of the heart that interprets meaning within natural phenomena, the theatre of human history, and even our own lives. There is meaning everywhere, and as Muslims we reject the view that life is meaningless. We are meaning-making beings, or more accurately, meaning-discovering beings.
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  • Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget

    My own son is now grappling with the news of the war on Gaza and he asked me how I dealt with the Bosnian genocide; I had spoken about Bosnia with him from time to time so he knew I would have a response. I said that I read all I could about Bosnia, and I wrote poems as a way of making sense of what I was reading. It may not seem much – and truly the poems I wrote didn’t amount to anything – but in a forgetful world, remembering can be a revolutionary act.
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