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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

The Nightingale

  • Understanding Print?

    Understanding Print?

    To stretch Postman’s ecological analogy, the new media of today is like an invasive species carelessly introduced into a habitat. What results is often ecological collapse that leaves a wasteland in its wake: nothing survives, not even the new species.
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  • On Re-reading

    On Re-reading

    Books and print may not be central to the structuring of public discourse, as it once was, but I am thankful that in bookclubs such as ours and in many others, small groups of people gather to partake, for themselves, in the intellectual effort to understand.
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  • Reading and Agency

    Reading and Agency

    Novels make us recognise, reflect, and subsequently enact change in ourselves and in society: books are personal as well as social.
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  • Connections


    No matter what you encounter, if your heart is centred, you will draw connections that augment what the heart knows and recognises of truth and beauty.
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  • Making Paper, Making Meaning

    Making Paper, Making Meaning

    Until mid-May 2024 Wardah Books is hosting two installation artworks. One by Singapore artist Isabella Ong and another by Thai artist Wantanee Siripattananuntakul. While both artists fulfil their artistic vision by making paper, their starting points cannot be more different.
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  • Read for Relief

    Read for Relief

    For Wardah Books, our resolution is to donate a percentage of our sales proceeds in Ramadan this year to providing aid to the dire food crisis in Gaza. According to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, “four out of five of the hungriest people anywhere in the world are in Gaza”.
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  • Wardah Books of the Year 2023

    Wardah Books of the Year 2023

    Salaam Dear Reader. The tide of the year turns. The monsoon darkens the sky and the edges of leaves glisten with silver raindrops. The mercury drops a little; the heat becoming slightly less oppressive for birds to rest and refuel...

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  • Reducing Retail Packaging Waste

    Reducing Retail Packaging Waste

    In line with government initiative to move towards becoming a zero-waste nation and to reduce retail packaging waste specifically, Wardah Books will be implementing three changes starting 2 Jan 2024: Bring Your Own Bags We encourage all customers to bring...

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