Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)
The Clear Quran (English with Arabic Text) HB
The Heart of the Quran: Commentary of Surah Yasin
Journey Through the Quran
A Day With the Prophet
Daily Wisdom: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad
The Content of Character
An Nawawi's Forty Hadith
Aisha: Wife, Companion, Scholar
Al-Shama'il al-Muhammadiyya
Necklace of Pearls: Mawlid of our Leigelady
Golden Stories from the Life of Faatimah (r.a.)
Let's Pray
Easy Good Deeds
Shafi'i Manual of Purity, Prayer and Fasting
Faith and the Essentials of Islam
Secrets of Divine Love
A Thinking Person’s Guide to Islam
Allah Loves
A Thinking Person's Guide To Our Times
Reflecting on the Names of Allah
Essential Islamic Creed
Major and Minor Signs of the Day of Judgement
Introduction to Islamic Creed
Prayers of the Pious
Reflections of Pearls
Burdah of Imam al-Busiri
Daily Wisdom: Islamic Prayers and Supplications