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Conference of the Birds

Conference of the Birds

Shaykh Faridduddin Attar's timeless allegory of the birds that go on a journey has been retold countless times since it was first written in the 12th century. The journey represents the path towards God and the birds encounter seven obstacles or 'valleys' that they have to overcome to attain their goal.

Conference of the Birds DEMI
by Alexis York Lumbard, Demi

Conference of the Birds - Darbandi
by Farid ud-Din Attar, Afkham Darbandi, Dick Davis

The Conference of the Birds
by Farid Uddin Attar, Shoaled Wolpé

Conference of the Birds: A Philosophical Religious Poem in Prose
by Farid Ud-Din Attar, C.S. Nott (translation)

Speech of the Birds: Mantiqut-Tair
by Faridu'd-Din Attar, Peter Avery (tr.)
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