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Make constructive use of our time. Let us spend an hour every day in silent, solitary, and systematic reading.

If we persevere, this becomes a very powerful habit that will literally change our lives and that of the people around us for the better.

If we read an hour each day, we should be able to finish an average-size book every 10 days. This works out to about 36 books a year.

Can we afford that hour each day? Well, consider this: in 2019 the average Singaporean spends daily 2 hours and 8 minutes on social media and 2 hours watching online videos. Leaving aside the negative effects social media has on our spiritual and emotional wellbeing, this is over 4 hours utterly and needlessly wasted, daily.

Make time to read. Keep a log to track reading progress for this will keep us motivated. Goodreads has a good way of tracking your reading.

Keep reading, dear reader. InshaAllah, we will become, both individually and as a community, empathetic, pro-active, objective, tolerant, and spiritually grounded.


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